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“Splendour at CiSand Hotel, Jinja”

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Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital, is always a good idea. I’ve visited Jinja quite a few times before (see posts here and here) and I never tire of returning because the city just has so much to offer. From white water rafting and bungee jumping activities to a simple and quiet getaway with your girls, Jinja is truly the city of options. Having visited several times however, I was surprised I had never heard of CiSand Hotel, up until my most recent visit.

CiSand Hotel is an undiscovered gem. The hotel is located right in the heart of the city and yet still, tucked away from the activity and noise. I travelled to CiSand Hotel from Kampala by taxi (matatu). The taxi cost me UGX 7,000 (about 2 dollars) and then I got a boda boda from Jinja Main Street that cost me UGX 2,000 (less than a dollar). Locating the hotel was simple as the boda boda took me right to the gate of CiSand Hotel, located on Spire Road, opposite the Uganda Revenue Authority offices.

A warm welcome

I received a warm welcome at the reception and proceeded to check into my room. I loved how the grandeur of the hotel’s exterior contrasted well with the coziness and intimacy of its interior. My room was simple and tasteful, complete with a flat screen TV and fast Wi-Fi, should I need entertainment. The view from my window overlooked a very still and quiet side of Jinja town and I could spot the River Nile in the background, somewhere beyond the trees.

I immediately felt relaxed and at home. The next morning, I was greeted by the most stunning sunrise ever (I kid you not), right from my room window (I stayed in room 11).

The restaurant and bar

The chef outdid himself too, preparing delicious meals throughout my stay. As for the bartender, I’m convinced he was just showing off. He provided a range of cocktails, mocktails and assorted juice blends.

Lasting impressions

Overall, I was impressed by the coziness of the hotel, the warmness of the staff and the greenery of the gardens and room views. I loved that even with its coziness, CiSand Hotel is complete with fine dining and an impressive conference room for formal gatherings. In my opinion, providing the best of both worlds. On my last day, I noticed a group of people that came to book the grounds for a birthday party. I wasn’t at all surprised by their choice.

One word? Splendour.

Find out more about CiSand Hotel and their rates here.

Have you visited CiSand Hotel before? Would you? What do you think about cozy spaces with splendour in towns that are full of activity? Let me know in the comments below. Xx

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  • Ashey Wandera

    4 years ago

    Interesting stuff for a small hotel!

    • khukyenda

      3 years ago


      Thanks Ashey! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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