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  • "Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done." - Rudy Francisco
  • New blog post!

Golf games combined with a trip to the top of Wanale ridge and a visit to all three Sipi Falls 😍

Detailing it all on 
The link is in my bio ❤
  • Sipi Falls 💦💦 Can't believe we've already concluded the Mbale leg of the #UgandaOpenTour2019 with #UTBGolfTours

It was a lot of fun. The tours are an initiative between Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Golf Union to promote sports tourism in Uganda. We got to watch a few games of Golf in Mbale as well as tour the area after the games - specifically #Wanale and #SipiFalls

See videos in my stories and my story highlights - Mbale ⛳ Tours.

Have you visited Wanale or Sipi Falls before? If you are a sports fanatic, do you usually tour the towns/villages where you go to play/watch the games? Let me know in the comments.

Oh, and Happy Monday!
  • If you are Ugandan and you don't travel Uganda, my question is - WHY?

Let me know in the comments.

If you are not Ugandan, why do you think people don't travel/tour/explore their own countries?
  • To think that we are already in the second quarter of the year is crazy to me!

I'm grateful though because usually when time seems to rush by it's one of two things happening; a) A lot of work is getting done b) A lot of fun is being had.
My ultimate goal is to have a healthy combination of both.

Happy new month people! ☀
Picture taken at #FortPatiko (link to the blog post is in my bio).
  • Tell yourself - "There won't be an ounce of potential left when I'm done."
...and then go kick a$$. .
Happy Monday.
  • Don't mind me, I'm just glad to be alive, on a planet so beautiful 🙌

What are you grateful for?
  • Taking some of the magic from the weekend and sprinkling it all over my week ✨

I love meeting like minded people on these #AdrenalineAndChill group trips. The last one was no exception. Thank you @noreenkakai (my gorgeous aunt), @_namuli_ & @daddys_jewel_ - hiking together, taking pictures on the beach, relaxing by the pool....I couldn't have asked for a better crew (see #Ssese story highlights on my profile). .
Happy Monday! Have an awesome, magical week ✨

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