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“Five steps towards overcoming fear”

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Many times, travel will involve participation in some type of activity be it water sport, outdoor sport, wildlife activity, zip lining etc. Some of the action may not be readily available at home making the trip even more fascinating (right?). Unfortunately though, the fear of the unfamiliar is a huge hindrance to many in fully indulging in a new place, a new experience or even a new way of life.

And so I thought I’d write something on fear. Please note that I’m by no means a psychologist or an expert of any kind on the matter however, there have been times in my own life when I have considered taking part in something somewhat daring or something I’ve just always been afraid of doing and unfortunately, fear has held me back. The fear of heights, or acrophobia as they would have it, is a huge one for me.

The times when I have overcome these dreadful feelings though have been completely rewarding. Thus, I present to you my personal experience – simply put, the five steps I take towards overcoming fear.

One. Understand the task at hand – if it involves a series of stages, walk through them mentally. Also, pay attention to and understand any safety or security precautions that you need to be acquainted with beforehand.

Two. Expect it – expect the fear and acknowledge the feeling. That way, you are in better control of the situation and more prepared to deal with it.

Three. Stop looking at the full scenario – once you have understood the task at hand and acknowledged how you feel about it, there is no need to keep looking at the task in its entirety. Look only at the moment that is right in front of you. The immediate hurdle. Look at what needs to be done in that exact moment. In your mind, that should be all there is.

Four. Look again – so you have understood the task, expected the fear and now you’re dealing with the specific immediate snag that is right in front of you. And it is terrifying. Look again – take a deep breath (no really, this works) and look at it again. Look at it again and deliberately feel differently about it. This should be the most important part.

Five. Keep going – actually this is the most important part. Whatever you feel or think, just go and keep at it, with only the immediate hurdle in sight. Decide that whatever it is will be done. As Susan Jeffers eloquently stated, “feel the fear and do it anyway!”

Do not let fear paralyze you or prevent you from 100% indulgence.

The picture above was taken at an adventure park in Wakiso District, Uganda in August 2016. A situation where I had to face my fear of heights. On my second attempt, I finally completed the first level of the circuit.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree/disagree? How do you overcome fear? Make sure to leave your comments in the reply section below. Xx.



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  • Lee

    6 years ago

    good piece of advise….sooo did you go for another round? They say that fear is in itself an adrenaline fix so if you eliminate the fear doesn’t the thrill go too? That said congratulations now that you have overcome your fear of heights look forward to your writing on bunghee jumping 🙂

    • khukyenda

      6 years ago


      Thanks Lee! I haven’t been back there since. Eliminating fear is a whole other task…this is more about dealing with the fear -overcoming it. In other words, feeling fear but not allowing the feeling to paralyze you. Xx.

  • Lee

    6 years ago

    thumbs up..cant find the icon for it. Personally i have a fear of lifts or anything that confines u have given me an idea on how to overcome it…

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