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    Fay has always been one to organize thoughtful, wholesome and unforgettable experiences at such an affordable price and this one was no different. It was amazing and then some.
    This experience was one for the books, loved the nature vibes, the conversations with the wonderful ladies I met on the retreat and the workshop with Manuela and Dee was the icing on top of the cake.
    Loved Loved Loved this and can’t wait for the next one.

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    The organization was superb! Fay was an amazing hostess that cared about the small details. I loved the sweet touches like welcome gift and thank you card. I loved the intimate and warm conversations with other ladies I met on the trip, and the gems from Manuela and Doreen. Incorporating wellness and tranquility was incredible!

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    My experience was so refreshing. My mind was refreshed thanks to that step by step looking inward guide to discovering my God purpose. The workshop affirmed that I am indeed on the right journey, already living in my purpose but it made so real and helped me answer questions about what the next steps should be because now I confirmed what my strong qualities are. The Rain Forest Lodge was so tranquil. Nature is just a source of joy for me and to think that Kukyenda got me that experience at such a steal and did all the booking, just great. All I did was show up. Lastly, the conversations and laughter shared with the ladies I met – food for the soul. This trip was easy and great! It was an wholesome experience.

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    So happy to have been a part of this fulfilling experience… As fay
    Said ” caring for yourself is a necessary part of caring for others” I am so excited to be on this journey of reawakening, healing, learning, self discovery and growth in both my work and personal life. So nice that I can count on khukyenda to provide for the safe space I need for this growth. The trip was well organised fun relaxing and we didn’t want it end.. Looking forward to the next one.

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    Traveling with Fay’s was such an amazing outstanding experience for me, the trip was definitely active and we covered what was supposed to, she is really excellent at it, the food and accommodation were all first class. I can’t wait for our next active adventure trip!

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    The trip was refreshing. A whole breath of much needed of new air. Fay is a very caring and keen to the detail type of host. She is your girl if you are looking for a quality time, excellently curated experiences and professional travel service without breaking the bank. Khukyenda by Fay is the spirit of possible for a any lover of travel who may not no where to start from. I am looking forward to actualisation of all my dream trips now.

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Saturday 30th July 2022

09:00 AM - Set off from Kampala

11:00 AM - Arrival at Rainforest Lodge & Check-in

12:00 PM - Lunch + Purpose building mini-workshop (Session 1)

02:00 PM - Purpose building mini-workshop (Session 2)

5:00 PM - Relaxation time (pool/spa/sauna)

7:00 PM - Dinner & Bonfire 

Sunday 31st July 2022

10:00 AM - Breakfast

12:00 PM - Departure for Kampala

The Ladies Wellness Retreat is a 2-day, ladies-only, retreat themed around relaxation and inspiration, with an incorporated women empowerment/ purpose building mini-workshop with Manuela P. Mulondo and Doreen Muhereza.

Date: July 30th - 31st, 2022

Venue: Rainforest Lodge, Mabira Forest

Call/WhatsApp +256 (0) 772-193-339 to reserve your slot at the next one.