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“Feature: Insights from Marie Ainomugisha”

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I live in a very busy city and I don’t always have the luxury to travel due to my schedule like a lot of people. When I get to travel, I make the most out of the experience to create lasting memories. So when you ask me what excites me most about travel, I’d say it’s the escape from my mundane schedule and the chance to visit new places and meet new people while creating lasting memories.

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Most memorable experience…

That has definitely got to be Lamu. I love beaches, islands and coastal towns when it comes to choosing travel destinations. I can’t put it into many words but Lamu Island is that place that leaves you happy, hydrated and content with yourself even if you were in a bad mood. Lamu is a relaxed little town with no cars so donkeys and dhows are the main means of transport. How cool is that? I guess I’m drawn to culturally preserved places and societies that are different from your everyday busy city life hence Lamu being my favorite destination thus far.

Travel photography - Lamu 3

Lessons learnt…

Self-preservation and finding my inner peace.

Travel Photography -Lamu.jpg

Bucket list…

That’s a hard one because the only things stopping me from globe-trotting are $$, my schedule as of now and ridiculous airline fares. However, if everything went the way I wanted it to I’d go to Bali, Thailand and Cuba.

Bali because it is my dream baecation destination and I love the beautiful landscapes and ocean views. Thailand because it has awesome street food, it’s great for shopping and it’s packed with lots of adventure and activities. Cuba because of the vintage cars, Fidel Castro and the colorful city of Havana.

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