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“Feature: Insights from Diane Kateeba”

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I’ve always been a dreamer, so what better way to feed into my dreams than to travel and experience the world for myself. I grew up hearing my dad describe his travel tales in his youth and I promised myself that when I grew up I’d go adventure the world for myself, that way I have stories to tell my children. What excites me the most about travelling to a new place is really the excitement of experiencing life through someone else’s lifestyle. So when I travel I try as much as possible to do as the locals do so that when I leave I take a piece of the culture with me. The most exciting experiences for me are usually exploring the museums and trying out the different local dishes that they have to offer, because they often tell the tales of history and help you appreciate the richness of their culture.

Most memorable experience…

Euro trip 2016

In the early winter of 2016 I embarked on a journey to explore four countries in Europe. I started my adventure by flying to Amsterdam, Netherlands then I took a train to Paris, took a Bus from Paris to Antwerp Belgium and finally a Train to Koln (Cologn) in Germany. It was exciting because I was alone on this adventure just literally hopping from country to country by myself, meeting new people and making new memories with new friends. Also, I was able to truly appreciate the different modes of transportation, as well as fully experience the country sides of Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam thanks to the Train and Bus rides. I got left by the train a couple of times (blame the African in me) and I almost froze to death because it was winter, but even that didn’t stop me from enjoying my holiday. It was a lesson well learnt.


Lessons learnt…

When in Europe keep time. I mean it. 4:10 means 4:10 (when travelling from one country to another) or else the train will leave you and you will pay quite heavily for missing that train/bus.

Buy your tickets online in advance, it saves time and money.

Always be at the departure station 30mins before your train departure time.

Google maps is a must have (saved me a lot in Paris).

Be open minded, and don’t be afraid to ask for help when lost or you need clarification. (A stranger was kind enough to pay for my trip so I can catch up with the train that had left me, only because I humbled myself and was polite in expressing my dismay).

Don’t sweat the small stuff, be flexible because things don’t always turn out how you planned them (flights get canceled/delayed, hotels get over booked, tours get cancelled due to weather changes…always have a backup plan.


Bucket list…

Venice, Rome, Milan, Florence, Sienna because Italy is next in line to Paris for me in terms of having such rich culture and history. I’d especially like to go to Rome and explore the remains of the Great Ancient Roman Empire.

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  • guineapigtraveler

    5 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to see Europe! Is Greece on your list? That’s my number one place I want to go when I can 🙂

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Me too! A Euro Tour is my Bucket List Goals! I particularly want to visit France, Italy and Greece <3

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