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“Four places to see in Cairo (besides the Pyramids)”

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Aside from touring the pyramids which I talk about here, there was lots to see in the historic city of Cairo, Egypt – all of which can be accomplished in one day!

The four sites below are my highlights. However, aside from the Egyptian Museum, a Papyrus Institute, the Coptic (Christian) area and the River Nile on a Felucca (boat) that I talk about below, we saw so much more…

The Egyptian Museum – it’s one of the largest in the region with so many important pieces of ancient Egyptian history. There was so much to learn, and I remember leaving the place with the feeling that I had a lot of homework to do and an overwhelming eagerness to read and learn more about the Egyptian Pharaohs’ and the civilization of ancient Egypt. A beautiful eye-opener.

The Egyptian Museum.jpg

The Egyptian Museum.

Inside the museum.jpg

Inside the museum.

Gold mask of Tutankhamun.jpg

Gold mask of Tutankhamun.

Statue of Khafre.jpg

Statue of Khafre.

Figurine of Khufu.jpg

Figurine of Khufu.

Statues outside the Egyptian Museum.jpg

Outside the museum.

3 Pyramids Papyrus Institute – this was an interesting discovery as the institute is a shop that makes and sells authentic papyrus which the ancient Egyptians used to write on. In addition, the shop sells beautiful pieces of art painted on papyrus sheets by Egyptian artists and provides a demonstration of the process in which these sheets are made from the papyrus plant. Sadly, taking pictures of the art is not allowed in most of the shop however, we did take a few from the demonstration area.


The 3 Pyramids Papyrus Institute.


Papyrus sheets.


A walk through the process.

Paintings on papayrus sheets.jpg

Paintings on papyrus sheets.


Art on display in the demonstration area.

The Coptic area – this is an area in Cairo with many old churches and historical Christian sites with references made to the holy family and Moses in the bible. The area features admirable architecture and symbolic paintings. It is also the oldest part of Cairo.


Entrance to the Coptic area.


Coptic Cairo.

A well inside one of the churches.jpg

A fascinating well inside one of the churches.

The Nile on a Felucca – the most relaxing part of our day by far and I remember thinking we should have done it on a full stomach right after our lunch, or carried our lunch and indulged on the boat. We sailed the Nile for an hour or so and pleasantly took in the wind, the sunshine, the scenic views and the very colorful boat 🙂

Off and away.jpg

Off and away.



All smiles on the felucca.jpg

All smiles on the felucca.

Have you been to Cairo? Which places appeal to you? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the reply section below.

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  • Lee

    5 years ago

    Hey….quite a lot of useful information, thanks for it…definitely something to refer to when planning a trip down North….and all this just in a day!

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      My pleasure! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Yes, all in a day!

  • Tamika Scripps

    5 years ago

    What a fantastic post! Just sooo fascinating and great to see. ! the gold is exquisite….

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Thanks for reading Tamika. It’s a fascinating town, everything is lovely! Xx

  • daughterofdestiny84

    5 years ago

    I will say Egypt is a fantastic place,while there i got to visit the pyramids,the museum in cairo city.I also visited Alexandria city that is way south,Hurgada was among the beautiful places the walk via the beach side and lastly Shamalsheik was also one of the other places,i will check my photos and send here.

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Lovely! Egypt really does have a lot to offer! I look forward to another trip there, Alexandria will definitely be on the bucket list. Xx

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