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“Feature: Insights from Robert Victor Nsibirwa”

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It is but a momentary escape from reality; my reality. It allows me to experience variety and difference. Travel doesn’t only open up my mind, but it stretches it through the new sights, the new smells, the new tastes, the new feelings and of course the new people I meet.

Most memorable experience…

In November of 2015, along with a couple of friends, I set off to Phuket; a vibrant and scenic island off the West Coast of Thailand. It was a wildcard holiday destination, having never even heard of it before. I was enchanted by the pictures that popped up through the internet searches and there was no holding back the power of wanderlust that gripped me thereafter.



The great thing about Phuket is that in one little package, we got it all. We got to live by the beach, to experience authentic Thai culture, to visit scenery so breath-taking you can’t help but stand in awe of creation and its creator, to play with Tigers and still party with Super Star DJs as we took in the legendary nightlife that this island is so very popular for.



Lessons learned…

One. I would not classify myself as a frequent flier and this was perhaps only my 2nd long haul flight. I had forgotten the complexities of long layovers and even longer flights. That meant that we did not book accommodation and transfer visas for the transit stay on the departure leg of the journey. I had always laughed at travellers who spent nights on airport floors but alas this was me in the cold Doha airport for the better part of 7 hours. Needless to say, we were wiser on our way back and got a hotel booked in Doha city for the 8-hour layover, allowing us to get some quality sleep and freshen up for the flight back to Entebbe.

Two. Avoid excessive drinking, partying and late nights while on holiday, especially if you have scheduled activities. Hangovers eat into precious and irredeemable time that is then spent in bed regretting the decisions of the previous night. Best to do everything in moderation and get the most out of each and every minute and experience.

Bucket list…

Lake Bunyonyi – I am ashamed to say that I am yet to go to Kabale. So close and yet so far away. I have been seduced by the stories I have heard and the photos I have seen. It is a place I definitely must visit soon.

Bora Bora Island – my affinity for water coupled with the ravishing coast line of this destination makes it a must.

Aiya Napa – this Mediterranean haven is host to one of the biggest spring break parties and this would be my chance to catch up with something I believe I missed out on in life.

New York – I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to New York and take a bite of the big apple?


Catch more from Robert on his blog: or on Twitter: @rvnsibirwa 


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    5 years ago

    Nice site, nice and easy on the eyes and great content too. Do you need many drafts to make a post?

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Thank you 🙂 It depends really but for most posts I write one draft and then edit and proofread it at least twice.

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