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“Feature: Insights from Karen Kana”

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I LOVE immersing myself in a new culture and getting to know new people. I’ve always been intrigued by what other places look and feel like. Discovering the sheer beauty in any new place for me comes naturally, especially capturing it on my camera. As a full-time day dreamer and wander luster, I find myself envisioning all kinds of places I would like to live.

I think the most exciting part of travel though is noticing how alike people around the world can be…


Most memorable experience…

In Uganda:

Lake Bunyonyi. I am blessed to have had colleagues that prioritize travel, so when we first planned a trip to Lake Bunyonyi, we spent a night at Byoona Amagara, which is not the most luxurious spot, but extremely serene and made me feel peaceful with nature. Lake Bunyonyi is really beautiful: it was my perfect escape from the city. It made me realize that I need to explore Uganda more 🙂


Generally, my adventure in Europe last year was very memorable. I tried to utilize my schengen visa as much as I could… Spain was a country I had always wanted to visit. I spent an amazing weekend in Barcelona, where I enjoyed the weather and liveliness of the people. Walking around the city was so thrilling and the views were marvelous. Then my week in Austria Vienna was also thrilling especially getting to go up Glossglockner! Epic views… I also enjoyed the parks, gardens and lively nightlife. Berlin was also a weekend to remember, mostly for the fusion of cultures and the cool artsy places we visited. Finally my stay in Norway which I loved the most, as there is just so much to explore in Norway, with its fjords, mountains and cute cabins. I would definitely go back!




Lessons learnt…

  1. Getting comfortable with being way out of my comfort zone …You learn to go with the flow. Sleeping on airport floors, running as fast as you can so you get there in time, being polite to people and learning that life goes on whenever you mess up.
  2. Discovering myself… and what I like and don’t like. Traveling has taught me to make my own decisions and look after myself. I’ve never felt more independent. My most recent trip to Barcelona, where I missed my flight- taught me to always stay calm and breath (easier said than done). Nothing ever goes according to plan on any of my trips, so I get creative. Its way more fun to travel with friends and family, but don’t be afraid to plan that solo trip!
  3. Flying off a bicycle in Soweto, (stitches and scars that I will always cherish) fainting in Jinja, getting allergic reactions and having to endure swollen ankles and arms. Lesson here: Always pack a Huge first aid! I have learned to embrace my scars and flaws fully.
  4. Every penny counts. I have learned to treasure moments and not things as well as buy only the essentials. You need only the bare essentials. Usually I’ve over packed my carry on with things I did not really need. I’m not yet great at this, but with practice I would like to learn to travel light and have some extra space for souvenirs from the places I visit.
  5. Keep curious! Even with Google maps, I’ve gotten lost and made several mistakes but that just helped me adapt to new surroundings, spot both good and bad people, learn some interesting facts about all kinds of things I’d have never imagined.Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends. You are constantly off balance.”Cesare Pavese





Bucket list…

  1. The Mountain Gorillas in Uganda are top on my list
  2. I really want to visit table mountain in Cape town for it’s amazing hikes
  3. Currently obsessed with living in Bangkok Thailand for a few months
  4. Indonesia, Bali as well for its beautiful weather and views
  5. Hawai would be a perfect holiday destination
  6. Korea intrigues me


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    I keep stalking this post! Ha ha Thank you so much for this Fay 🙂 I enjoyed putting this together and feel honored to be on your amazing blog! Looking forward to reading more features and your wonderful travel tales! xx

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      Thanks Karen! I love getting inspiration from other travelers like you and I look forward to posting more 😉 <3

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