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“Feature: Insights from Joan and Angela Semanda”

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Joan: I love to travel because new experiences enrich my life in so many ways. I am a people watcher; I love to learn by watching and staying in the background. Travel allows me to do this and gives me the freedom to do so because no one knows me. Overall I always get a new perspective on life when I travel.

Angela: I love getting out of the little box of the world I live in to experience other people’s culture. It’s easy to think the world ends at the end of your town but traveling helps me broaden my mind. I also love trying out new food and picking up different languages and learning that we are so different but still so similar.

Most memorable experience…

Joan: Mine would have to be my year in Spain where I travelled on my own and lived there on my own without knowing one single person, and I managed to forge my way through life in Spain. I loved it because I was able to fully see the country, make new friends and see things without the tainting of the perspective of someone I knew.

Angela: It has got to be Berlin last year. Berlin in the spring and into the summer was an endless adventure of growth and finding myself. There is a blog post about biking through Berlin and my overall experience on that on the blog. I’m looking forward to so many more travels in and out of Africa.

Joan in Spain 2012.JPG

Joan in Spain, 2012

Angela in Berlin 2016.jpg

Angela in Berlin, 2016

Lessons learnt…

Joan: Sometimes there is fun in doing things on a whim and not planning out every single second of your travel. I have found that I fully enjoy myself in new places when there is no overbearing pressure of needing to be somewhere else doing something else.

Angela: Why! So many. Where to begin. People are not out to get you. If anything they are out for themselves. Some of the best adventures come from getting lost. So, the next time you go on a trip, don’t plan everything out. Leave some space to explore and get lost. And when you are lost, ask a stranger for directions (all within the frame of safety of course). Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from trying new things.

Mombasa 2016

Mombasa, 2016

Bucket list…

Joan: Greece, Morocco, Egypt. I love the foreignness and the overall look of things in these countries, and I would love to go and soak them in myself.

Angela: The Zambia waterfalls, Colombia Bogota, Panama, Singapore, Thailand, Malta. Ask me next year and it might have changed.

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  • Joan

    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this Fay! We had so much fun working on it with you.

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      My pleasure Joan! It’s an absolute delight to have you on here. Xx

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