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“Exploring Entebbe, Uganda”

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Entebbe town truly has so much to offer. I’ve been to Entebbe quite a bit recently as it does happen to be the town with Uganda’s only international airport. Aside from the airport though, Entebbe has a calm and serene vibe to it and boasts of  numerous tourist attractions. Located on a peninsula in Lake Victoria, Entebbe is the perfect destination for some quick local tourism and so I thought, why not do some exploring of my own…

I visited Nyange Resort, Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC), formally known as “the zoo” as well as the expansive National Botanical Gardens.

En route to Entebbe…

Nyange Resort

I stopped over at Nyange Resort for lunch (read, I stopped over at Nyange Resort for fish) and I was impressed with the resort’s charming beauty. Complete with an extensive view of the lake and lots of grass to run around and play (I did actually run around a bit), I was most blown away by the evening sunset views. Find out more about Nyange resort here (PS: this is not a sponsored post, I just really loved the place)!

I loved this newlywed’s tree planting initiative.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC)

This was the Entebbe highlight for me. UWEC is one of those places that I had not visited in the longest time and to be quite honest, my expectations were pretty low. Imagine my surprise when it actually turned out to be the highlight of my day! The zoo (as we typically call it), has greatly improved from the visuals I store in my childhood memories. It is completely refurbished and has so many animals and birds with plenty of roaming space for both us and the animals (I was dreading the sight of tight animal enclosures). The center also offers various activities like guided tours, behind the scene tours and animal feeding! I got there in the late evening and did not get to see all the animals and yet I still saw lions, leopards, cheetahs, zebras, hyenas…to mention but a few.

Find out more about Uganda Wildlife Education Center here.

Botanical Gardens

Lastly, I visited the Botanical Gardens (on a separate trip) and enjoyed wandering around the sprawling grounds with help from a tour guide. The guide was very helpful as I got to interact with vervet monkeys and spotted some black and white colobus monkeys in the trees. I saw hundreds of plant and bird species and strolled through the garden’s rainforest zone (where one of the original Tarzan movies was shot!). Peek my pictures below.

Have you been to Entebbe? What are your favorite places to visit in Entebbe and why? Do let me know in the comments.

Till next time! Xx.

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  • Anne

    4 years ago

    I loved the zoo! More than the animals i liked the green, the trees. After being to the game park i feel the lions want to hide more though, not be on full display. :/ 🙂

    • khukyenda

      4 years ago


      I loved the green too and especially how big the place is! At some point it felt like we were wandering through a forest. A good tip to sight the lions is to visit them during their feeding time which is 6pm. We easily spotted them lingering around their feeding stations, in clear view.

  • Sidi

    4 years ago

    I loved the zoo too but mainly because of the animals. It’s thrilling getting to see these animals up close with some green in their backyards. Liked the size of ‘Vincent’ the leopard

    • khukyenda

      4 years ago


      I loved the zoo too but Vincent’s (the Leopard’s) obesity actually made me really sad. He might he nice to look at (I suppose?) but in actual sense he is not able to roam freely and hunt in the wild like he was made to do. The tour guide told us he suffers from obesity which is in fact, a disease. I hope he gets well soon.

  • Sidi

    4 years ago

    That’s sad. Guess its hard because we were leopards are creatures that savour solitude. I hope he gets fit but maintains the size as well?

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