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A few months ago, I wrote a post on creating time for travel. What I’ve come to realize is that many times our definition of “travel” includes a journey taken abroad or someplace far away, and yet some of the most memorable travel experiences could be waiting right in our backyards…

I personally love the thrill of visiting a place for the very first time…going somewhere I’ve never been before, trying something I’ve never tried…or simply, the taste of a new delicacy. Longing for fresh air (I’d been cooped up in the house for almost a month due to an illness), I recently took a trip about thirty minutes out of town with a few friends for a nice, good old fashioned, day excursion. We went to a place called Yellow Haven Lodge and it was spectacular!




I instantly fell in love with the views. The lodge is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria and has a very natural, homey feel to it. It was very green (which I loved!), calm and peaceful – a great place to take a break with friends or simply alone with your thoughts and the sound of the lake and the birds chirping in the background.

After a warm reception and a very homey lunch, we were walking around sharing stories, being silly, laughing and taking lots of pictures.










The day was over way too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to head back into town. I didn’t want to leave and yet at the same time I was content and grateful for the discovery. It was another reminder of how beautiful Uganda really is, no matter what part of the country you happen to be in. I’m on the lookout now more than ever for places in and around Kampala that I’ve never visited before. I’m on the lookout now more than ever for hidden gems. Xx

What are your favorite hidden gems?  How do you define travel? Do share your thoughts in the reply section below.

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  • Cheryl

    5 years ago

    Im definetely inspired. Like the idea too.

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Thanks Cheryl, I’m glad 🙂 Xx

  • lee

    5 years ago

    wow this place looks great….what are the prices? Directions? If I drop your name will i get a discount….

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Haha! It is indeed beautiful Lee. The rates and directions can be found on their website which I linked in the post (
      I’ll let you know about that discount 😉

  • nzuritextures

    5 years ago

    You are so right about how we always think travelling is going abroad. I’ve visited Yellow Haven before and the title of this post, local hidden gems” best describes it. I just wish they could surely work on the shaky stone path. OTW it’s lovely. Lovely Post Fay!

    • khukyenda

      5 years ago


      Haha! I agree with you on that stone path…it had me a bit shaken for a second but then I thought of it as all part of the adventure! 😉
      Thanks so much for stopping by and for reading. Xx

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