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“How to create time for travel”

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I’ve been thinking long and hard about this one. Mostly because, how does one really create time for travel, or anything for that matter? – It’s more about making the most of the time that we do have and in this case, purposefully prioritizing travel within the given time limitations that might exist (think about those fixed annual leave days that cannot be negotiated or everyday responsibilities that can’t be overlooked).

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this though, you do want to travel more, and I’m positive that you and I both can make this happen. Read on for my suggestions on how to “create” time for travel.

Weekends – this sounds like the most obvious one. But think about this, there are approximately 104 weekend days each year. That’s about three and a half months of travel combined, each year – just from weekends. Take a moment to think about the endless possibilities that present themselves when those weekends are carefully planned out and managed. Oh the places we could go.

Public holidays – I take personal joy from looking at the calendar at the beginning of every year and looking out for the actual public holidays and mentally crossing off the “wasted” ones (those public holidays in Uganda that fall on weekends and go unnoticed). This year has 14 actual public holidays and only 3 holidays that fall on a Sunday. That is two full weeks of travel combined. Furthermore, 6 of these 14 days fall on either a Friday or Monday. Combine these with the weekends and you’re all set for a short holiday, anywhere!

Annual leave – the amount of time given varies for different people. However, annual leave days are definitely something that should be well slated and taken advantage of. Be it bulk days for a longer trip, or simply an extra day or two added to that optimized public holiday-weekend getaway, annual leave will go a very long way.

Work trips – if you’re fortunate enough to travel for work, how about staying a day or two longer to explore the area? I hardly ever travel for work so this is an area I personally want to look out for and adopt. How about volunteering or looking out for opportunities that you know will be of interest to the organization that you work for? There might be people that have to travel but don’t want to, you could offer to stand in for them where possible.

Time off in-between jobs – this is where the power of negotiation really comes into play. Make the most of it. Because this opportunity might not come along very often, where you can, take some time off to reflect, relax and recoup. And if you ask me, what better way to do this than to travel? 😉

Above all else, treat every day like a vacation – find adventure, wonder and excitement in the little things, every day.

Tell me, how do you prioritize travel in your everyday life? I look forward to your comments in the reply section below. Xx.

PS: The picture above was taken in Diani, Mombasa, Kenya.

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  • angelakoblitz

    6 years ago

    Great put-up! I think most people have this struggle when it comes to find time to travel. For those who work full-time, it could be a bit difficult but you’re right, public holidays or weekends could be used. No need to travel so far right? As long as you are out of the common area, you could always learn something already.
    I used to be a student but I always managed to study. Maybe you could take a look here:
    I actually think you can always find time to travel. When you have the will, everything is possible 🙂

    • khukyenda

      6 years ago


      Thank you for sharing Angela! That is very true – where there is a will, there is definitely a way and it’s really all about prioritizing. I will check out your blog post. Thanks again. Xx.

  • Nicole Magabo

    6 years ago

    Just doing it! There is so much fear before actually booking a trip, you get all these devil agents crying in your ear – the money! the time! the energy! ehhhh. But, I realised, the more I think about a trip before throwing down that money, the more likely I am to not go on that trip. If I have a list of places I want to travel, I cross check that list and if there are almost enough funds and almost enough time, I go!

    • khukyenda

      6 years ago


      Thanks Nicole! I love that. Just do it! Just go! You know why? Because life is short and it’s true that the things we don’t do are the ones we end up regretting. Thanks for sharing. Xx.

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