Five essentials when planning a trip abroad

I am currently in the process of planning a trip abroad and if all goes according to plan, it will be a magnificent eight days touring four beautiful cities, with a close friend of mine.

Before I bask in the glory of this upcoming expedition however, there are a few hurdles I must overcome. Read on for the five essentials that I think are worth pointing out to anyone else out there that is planning a trip abroad. Continue reading

2017 travel goals

It’s the perfect time to take stock of 2016 as well as plan for 2017 and all in all, there is so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to as well.

First off, I’m definitely thankful that Khukyenda was born. Three months, thirteen blog posts and a Facebook page later, I’m glad this blog is in existence. What started out of sheer curiosity and boredom has begun to open doors and create opportunities for me to develop one of my great passions, as well as meet and interact more with like minded people (that would be you) and the best part – have an awesome time! Khukyenda is looking forward to so much this year, and I’ve jotted just three 2017 travel goals below. Continue reading

Saving for travel

December is here, and many of us are still consulting the bank to find out if we will really be able to afford December as someone put it. From the parties, to the gift giving, to the wedding meetings, to the family gatherings…the list goes on.

Made any travel plans? Saved up for them?

I’m personally still in the process of trying to figure it all out. From negotiating a day or two off work to finding like-minded adventure companions (anyone interested in visiting Karamoja for 3 nights? holla!), to “consulting the bank” and putting money aside.

Beyond December, if we are going to swim in every ocean, travel abroad and many other things, saving for travel is paramount. Here are a few quick suggestions or tips on saving for travel that come to my mind. Continue reading

How to create time for travel

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this one. Mostly because, how does one really create time for travel, or anything for that matter? – It’s more about making the most of the time that we do have and in this case, purposefully prioritizing travel within the given time limitations that might exist (think about those fixed annual leave days that cannot be negotiated or everyday responsibilities that can’t be overlooked).

I’m guessing that if you’re reading this though, you do want to travel more, and I’m positive that you and I both can make this happen. Read on for my suggestions on how to “create” time for travel. Continue reading

Five things you need to know about camping in the wild

On my recent Lake Mburo trip, I was presented the opportunity to camp and spend the night in a tent for the very first time. I’ve always loved the luxury of staying in a comfortable and cozy hotel room when traveling so this was an experience completely out of my comfort zone – literally.

As usual, I looked out for the lessons that I could take away from this experience and what I could share with you about camping. More so, camping in the wild. Continue reading

Five steps towards overcoming fear

Many times, travel will involve participation in some type of activity be it water sport, outdoor sport, wildlife activity, zip lining etc. Some of the action may not be readily available at home making the trip even more fascinating (right?). Unfortunately though, the fear of the unfamiliar is a huge hindrance to many in fully indulging in a new place, a new experience or even a new way of life.

And so I thought I’d write something on fear. Please note that I’m by no means a psychologist or an expert of any kind on the matter however, there have been times in my own life when I have considered taking part in something somewhat daring or something I’ve just always been afraid of doing and unfortunately, fear has held me back. The fear of heights, or acrophobia as they would have it, is a huge one for me.

The times when I have overcome these dreadful feelings though have been completely rewarding. Thus, I present to you my personal experience – simply put, the five steps I take towards overcoming fear. Continue reading

“Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” – Basically.

I found that “Work. Save. Travel. Repeat” quote on Pinterest and I just had to save it because it pretty much captures what I’m about and what this blog is about (well, for now).

So a little bit about myself first – I am a young Ugandan female living and working in Uganda, East Africa. I am a Marketer by profession and traveling absolutely tickles my fancy! In addition, I have a high appreciation for the arts, I love seascapes and I’m passionate about my naturally textured hair which I documented for a while here.

So back to the quote and what it means to me. When I get time away from the marketing world and when I can help it, I will most likely be away somewhere, anywhere really! I love the thrill of visiting a place for the first time and not only do I enjoy the whole travelling experience but also the preparation and the planning that goes into it beforehand (the save & repeat parts are just as important to me as the work & travel).

I hope to use this blog to share my dreams and my escapades with you and I hope that from here, we will truly inspire each other.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Xx.

PS: I’d love to hear back from you. Please share your comments, feedback and suggestions in the reply section below.