Feature: Insights from Diane Kateeba


I’ve always been a dreamer, so what better way to feed into my dreams than to travel and experience the world for myself. I grew up hearing my dad describe his travel tales in his youth and I promised myself that when I grew up I’d go adventure the world for myself, that way I have stories to tell my children. What excites me the most about travelling to a new place is really the excitement of experiencing life through someone else’s lifestyle. So when I travel I try as much as possible to do as the locals do so that when I leave I take a piece of the culture with me. The most exciting experiences for me are usually exploring the museums and trying out the different local dishes that they have to offer, because they often tell the tales of history and help you appreciate the richness of their culture. Continue reading

Feature: Insights from Rachel Warren Wilson


I love the thought of being able to fly just a few hours and experience a whole new world. You can go from mountains to beaches to jungles, from hot to cold, and taste entirely new things you’ve never tried before. I get excited planning my trips to countries I’ve never visited before, getting to know the hidden spots only locals know about, and of course, taking some amazing pictures! Continue reading

Feature: Insights from Joan and Angela Semanda


Joan: I love to travel because new experiences enrich my life in so many ways. I am a people watcher; I love to learn by watching and staying in the background. Travel allows me to do this and gives me the freedom to do so because no one knows me. Overall I always get a new perspective on life when I travel.

Angela: I love getting out of the little box of the world I live in to experience other people’s culture. It’s easy to think the world ends at the end of your town but traveling helps me broaden my mind. I also love trying out new food and picking up different languages and learning that we are so different but still so similar. Continue reading

Feature: Insights from Ivan Musoke


I don’t really get worked up about travelling. Typically. It’s usually a fairly straightforward routine. Pack at the last minute, feel bad about leaving my nearest and dearest back home as I go gallivanting across borders, then, finally trying to figure out how the heck I’m going to get to the airport. No one will tell you this, but you need someone you can rope into your small talk for that ride. You do not want to be pulled into a discussion about politics for two main reasons;

  • For all you care you, you’ve been saddled with an undercover government operative and that trip could just as easily be your last
  • 90% of the time, these conversations are in vernacular and do not have subtitles accompanying them

Continue reading