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“Touring the Pearl of Africa and beyond – a couple of bucket list bits and pieces”

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October 9th. Yesterday marked Uganda’s 54 years of independence and to commemorate this day, I put together a short list of places I absolutely must visit in the next 12 months. And then I thought, what better place to start than Uganda, the Pearl of Africa itself?


Let’s start with the places I have been to in Uganda that categorically stand out to me:

Murchison Falls National Park – absolutely breathtaking. The top of the falls was the major highlight.

Ssese Islands – peace and tranquility is what comes to mind. Also, I loved the quad bikes.

Jinja town – speaking of quad bikes, this is a must try when in Jinja.


Where I absolutely must go in the next 12 months:

Lake Bunyonyi – for some more peace, tranquility and beautiful scenery.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – from what I hear, the impressive mountain gorillas are a must see for everyone.


Places I must visit outside the pearl:

Abu Dhabi – I took a short trip to Dubai in April last year and on my bucket list is a trip back to the United Arab Emirates to visit its fascinating capital, Abu Dhabi.

Euro tour – I’ve been reading about the famous Schengen VISA as well as train passes that allow one to visit up to 28 European countries all in one visit – how exciting?


Stay tuned for updates as well as posts on planning, saving, creating time and really making the most out of travel.

What’s on your travel bucket list? I would love to hear your thoughts in the reply section below. Xx.

PS: The picture above was taken at the top of the falls – Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda. Interested in visiting? Book your trip here.

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  • Mercy

    6 years ago

    I am quite excited about the places I would love to travel too at some point in my life.There are more beautiful places in Uganda to start with.?

    • khukyenda

      6 years ago


      Very true Mercy. Hopefully, I will keep adding to this list as I go along 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! Xx.

  • saffah

    6 years ago

    Kai this sounds super exciting and gives you something not only to look forward to but to share as well. I have always wanted to start my tour journey with my own Uganda! I’ve done Murchison falls n YES breathtaking is what it is . I look forward to exploring more of Uganda

    • khukyenda

      6 years ago


      Thanks Saffah! There is so much to explore in this beautiful Uganda of ours – a true gift by nature. Do come back and tell me more about your adventures and what you find most fascinating. I can’t wait to share mine too! Xx.

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