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“A day at sea in Hurghada, Egypt”

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I must say, I’ve always been fascinated at the thought of swimming with or just seeing dolphins and so when my friend Cherie and I visited the beautiful coastal city of Hurghada in Egypt, and I found out that this was a common activity there, I knew already that the trip was worth it.

Hurghada is a beach resort town along Egypt’s Red Sea coast and they call it a “beach resort town” for a reason – the resorts are beautiful and massive. We stayed at the Desert Rose Resort and just staying at the all-inclusive resort for a couple of days is definitely a treat on its own.

After day one of just lazing around and enjoying the resort’s different activities, I booked a full day-at-sea boat trip for the following day that was to start at about 7am all the way until 4pm that day.


I was up early and I was hungry (both metaphorically and literally) and so it was thoroughly relieving to know that in addition to lunch and snacks, breakfast was served on the boat. I relaxed, settled in and begun to take in the early morning wind, the sun and the beautiful sea views.





The first activity was to spot the dolphins in the sea. Now, our instructor explained something quite interesting (and game changing) to me – he said, “we will all spot a few dolphins (unless your eyes are closed) however, in order to swim with the dolphins YOU MUST BE A REALLY GOOD AND FAST SWIMMER.”

Shoot. I love to swim but I wouldn’t describe myself as a fast swimmer. What happened is when we got to a spot that had a number of dolphins, the instructor would scream “jump!” and it was literally a race to get to the dolphins (who are pretty fast swimmers I discovered).

I wasn’t ready for this – particularly because I couldn’t imagine swimming in a large open space with the crowd racing in front of me. I opted to observe the dolphins and the activity from the boat and then fully indulge in the next activity – snorkeling.











The snorkeling was further on where the water was much warmer and where it wasn’t a race (yay!). Every time I snorkel it’s more beautiful than the last time, and the Red Sea was no exception. So many fish species, not to mention the amazing coral (too bad I don’t have pictures from the world of beauty under the sea).


Finally, I took part in a couple of fun banana boat rides, just before we sailed back to shore. And just like that, the day was done.




In-between all this activity, we enjoyed delicious food, snacks and good conversation on the boat. Definitely a day well spent and a day that I will remember.

Have you been snorkeling or swimming with dolphins before? What was your experience like? Do share your comments in the reply section below. Xx.

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