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“Tranquility at Bunyonyi Overland Resort, Lake Bunyonyi”

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If your idea of tranquility is a cozy green haven overlooking Lake Bunyonyi (Uganda’s most stunning lake), then you’re going to want to read on.

Bunyonyi Overland Resort, as the name suggests, is strategically situated right on the banks of Lake Bunyonyi in Kabale, south-western Uganda, overlooking the still blue lake. Lake Bunyonyi is believed to be the second deepest lake in Africa after Lake Tanganyinka and the fourth deepest lake in the world. The name Bunyonyi translates to “place of many little birds”, but what makes the lake most stunning are the 29 dotted islands on the lake and the lush green terraced hills that frame it.

First impressions

I stayed in cottage 16, one of the 22 cottages found at Bunyonyi Overland Resort. The resort also boasts of 8 wooden cabins, 18 furnished safari tents and two dorms. I loved the variety of accommodation options and the fact that there is something for everyone. One can also choose to camp right on the shores of the lake! Even though I arrived during the night, I couldn’t help but notice the giant chess board right in front of the restaurant and made a mental note to check it out during the day time. I ordered one of my favorites – pork chops and mashed potato before retiring for the night.

Views for days

The next day the weather was beautiful and perfect for taking a stroll round the lodge. Lush, exuberant greenery canopying over the still and peaceful Lake Bunyonyi welcomes you at every turn. The resort is complete with a massage parlor on the pier, a sunbathing and swimming deck and a jetty … did I mention the amazing view?

Things to do

In addition to simply enjoying the peace and tranquility of the lodge, I took a boat ride onto the lake. I love being out on the water. The cool breeze, coupled with sunshine, is so welcoming. Plus, there is always something to learn. As we left the dock, I had a clearer view of the resort in all its glory, subtle structures peeking out of thick greenery. Our boat captain took us past Bwama Island, the biggest island on the lake complete with a church, school and about 500 inhabitants. We then spotted Punishment Island, the smallest island on the lake infamous for murder and abuse of women as recent as the early 1900’s! The Bakiga (people from Kabale) used to leave unmarried pregnant girls on this small patch of waterlogged grass to die of hunger or while trying to swim to the mainland. This was a punishment for the “shame” an unmarried pregnant girl brought to the family as well as her failure to collect a bride price. Thankfully, this horror practice got abandoned in the first half of the 20th century.

Bwama Island

Punishment Island

A scrumptious lunch awaited after we docked. This time I ordered fish curry and rice (a must try when you visit the resort, especially the cray fish!). Aside from the food and the boat rides, other activities include bird watching, mountain biking, fishing as well as community walks. Find out more about Bunyonyi Overland Resort, their rates and activities here.

Have you visited Lake Bunyonyi before? How about Bunyonyi Overland Resort? Let me know in the comments below. Xx

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  • Namuli

    11 months ago

    This is beautiful, great article and photos.

    • khukyenda

      11 months ago


      Thanks babe, thanks for reading. Xx

  • Walter

    11 months ago

    The photos are so stunning. Thank you for sharing

    • khukyenda

      11 months ago


      Thanks Walter. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  • Bima Dereq

    11 months ago

    Hi Fay,
    Bima, here!
    I am really happy about your work, been following on the low but this woke me up.
    Nice article, the pics are really stunning, we neeed to talk.

    Just know we need to! There is alot we can do!


    • khukyenda

      11 months ago


      Thanks! Let’s get in touch. Looking forward.

  • Ernest

    11 months ago

    Really informative. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience with us. I’m now more curious about Punishment Island.

    • khukyenda

      11 months ago


      Thanks Ernest! Punishment Island is worth knowing about. Make sure you ask about it when you visit Lake Bunyonyi. Xx

  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    10 months ago

    Beautiful! My oh my…

    • khukyenda

      9 months ago


      Indeed! ❤️

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