Feature: Insights from Rachel Warren Wilson


I love the thought of being able to fly just a few hours and experience a whole new world. You can go from mountains to beaches to jungles, from hot to cold, and taste entirely new things you’ve never tried before. I get excited planning my trips to countries I’ve never visited before, getting to know the hidden spots only locals know about, and of course, taking some amazing pictures!

Most memorable experience…

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited was definitely Capetown, South Africa. It’s one of the busiest flights we have (and around 8-9 hours, so fairly long) but once you arrive there, you just have to cram as much into the 24 hours as possible! I feel that it’s a place of such natural beauty, and no matter how many times I visit it won’t get boring. The best thing was taking the cable car up Table Mountain just in time to catch the sunset. Despite the almost freezing temperatures, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face from the sheer beauty.



Lessons learnt…

Never judge a book by it’s cover! Some of the places I’ve visited with Emirates are places I’d barely even heard of before getting the job, and they’ve turned out to be the most interesting to explore! Like a recent trip to Conakry, Guinea – it certainly wouldn’t have been somewhere I’d pick to go on holiday, but 48 hours there really opened my eyes to the beauty of the country and the kindness of its people.

Bucket list…

I’ve got a few places on my list for 2017, and amongst them are Georgia (only a couple of hours by plane from Dubai) as it seems somewhere really intriguing with so much culture. I’d also love to visit Cappadocia, to see the incredible caves and get up at sunrise to watch the hundreds of hot air balloons rising through the sky. I’d also love to visit Mexico this year, although that’s a bit further away so would take a bit more planning. I believe it’s full of history, culture, and of course amazing food and beaches!

Rachel is the blogger behind The Dubai Diaries and cabin crew at Emirates Airline. Catch more from her on her blog: www.thedubaidiaries.me


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