Beach day in Dubai, UAE

Beach day at Cove Beach in Dubai, which is situated right next to the iconic Burj Al Arab, was off to a good start with a scrumptious late lunch accompanied with champagne. The sight of sand and waves instantly gets me in a good mood. I couldn’t wait to swim in the salty water and lay on the golden sand.



I paused for a few minutes by the swimming pool, so as not to take a dip on a full stomach. The weather was perfect and the beach was alive with friendly faces and upbeat music. For me, it was hard to sit still, especially since we got to the beach in the late afternoon rather than in the morning like we had planned (nothing ever goes according to plan, does it? ) and I knew that any minute the sun would be going down.


The view from the beach was magnificent as the Burj Al Arab towered over us. My eyes darted to the tower, the clear blue sky, the crushing waves…and then the people! Lots and lots of happy people walking around and sipping on champagne. Finally, I could swim, play in the water, sit on the warm sand in my bikini, sip champagne and take some pictures. My day was complete.





Eventually, the sun did go down and in an ironic way, this was probably the best part of the day as it was such a beauty to watch!  The shades of gray, purple and orange sweeping behind the Burj Al Arab and reflecting on the water and the docked boats…definitely a moment to behold.


What’s your favorite part of a beach day? What stands out to you the most? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the reply section below. Xx. 

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