Visiting Sipi Falls

Over the weekend, I was thrilled to visit my home area of Eastern Uganda and this time, not just stop in Mbale (my village) but travel further northeast to Kapchorwa district to take a look at the beautiful Sipi Falls.

I was last in Kapchorwa many years ago and so I was really excited to see the falls. The drive was longer than usual mainly due to unforeseen roadworks encountered on the Mbale-Sironko highway. Having left Kampala at 10am, we finally made it to our first Sipi Falls viewpoint, Sipi Falls Resort, at about 5:30pm.

The view from Sipi Falls Resort was magnificent and I was immediately in absolute awe. The rolling hills landscape instantly stole my gaze, even before I recognized the falls steadily tumbling from a cliff in the distance. The whole area is covered in shades of lush green that mesh beautifully with the clouds and disappear into the horizon. It’s a sight to behold and I was immediately snapping away taking pictures. I forgot about the long journey, I forget that I hadn’t had a meal since breakfast. I was in love.



The scenic landscapes.


The view from Sipi Falls Resort.

We didn’t spend long at Sipi Falls Resort as we were looking forward to hiking to the base of the falls before nightfall. Sipi Falls is a series of three separate waterfalls and a tour guide we met on the way led us to our next and final stop. The hike was short since we drove most of the way, about a seven minute walk to the base. We trekked uphill on a narrow dirt path through canopies of vast natural vegetation. The ground was moist and slippery, the air was cool and you could hear the falls from a distance.



The start of our hike.




Once we got to the base, we were greeted with a frame of flourishing wild flowers beautifully encircling the area. This is where we watched the falls plummet to the soil.


The base.


Pictures at the base of the falls.



So refreshing πŸ™‚



In absolute awe.


One last one at the base.

We left just as the sun was setting and drove back to Mbale town for the night.


The hike back.


Beauty πŸ™‚

Still in awe, I spent the next morning relaxing at Mount Elgon Hotel and Spa. The swimming pool area provides a clear view of Wanale ridge, another beautiful attraction. I couldn’t help but think about how naturally gifted Uganda really is.


View of Wanale ridge from Mount Elgon Hotel.

Have you visited Sipi Falls before? What was your experience like? Do share in the reply section below. Xx.

12 thoughts on “Visiting Sipi Falls

  1. Sipi falls is truly beautiful. This was my second visit to the falls, but first time to see the twin falls at the top at close range. Spectacular! a must see on your visit to the Falls. The pink flowers at the base, the sound of water as it hits the ground, the falls are worth the long drive from Mbale town. I am glad to have shared this experience with my daughter.

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