Saving for travel

December is here, and many of us are still consulting the bank to find out if we will really be able to afford December as someone put it. From the parties, to the gift giving, to the wedding meetings, to the family gatherings…the list goes on.

Made any travel plans? Saved up for them?

I’m personally still in the process of trying to figure it all out. From negotiating a day or two off work to finding like-minded adventure companions (anyone interested in visiting Karamoja for 3 nights? holla!), to “consulting the bank” and putting money aside.

Beyond December, if we are going to swim in every ocean, travel abroad and many other things, saving for travel is paramount. Here are a few quick suggestions or tips on saving for travel that come to my mind.

One. Open a travel account – have a portion of your monthly income dedicated to learning, living life and exploring and experiencing new things i.e. travel. I like to use a standing order so that I don’t “feel” the money being deducted (just imagine it doesn’t exist). In addition, have the money remitted to a fixed deposit or savings account where it won’t be accessed for a period of time (say 6 months) and where considerable interest is earned on it too.

Two. Spend less on “things” – shoes, handbags, more shoes and more handbags. Cut down on the clutter. Also, give away some things. Many times we collect so much stuff we hardly use and that doesn’t really add any value to the quality of our lives. In a nutshell, resist the urge to constantly shop.

Three. DIY – we pay a lot of money to a lot of people for things that we can most likely do on our own if only we tried. My most common DIY practice is my hair (all you really need is a good shampoo and some kitchen ingredients). My mother is the DIY champion – gardening, housework, washing the car – where you can, do it yourself.

Four. Create a travel wallet – RoundBob has a travel wallet concept which allows you to open a virtual wallet on the website and deposit monthly installments towards any of the holiday packages on offer. This encourages you to save towards a particular holiday, and with a clear end goal in mind.

Five. Earn more – easier said than done and yet probably the most practical. What excites you? What are you curious about? Can you turn this into profit? Step out of your comfort zone and find more ways to earn, ultimately leading to more money to spend on travel.

Any other ideas? Do share! I look forward to your comments in the reply section below. Xx.

PS: Don’t forget to make it a December to remember  🙂

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