Swim in every ocean

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Probably due to the simple fact that I love to swim and I love oceans. With five oceans to explore, I decided to look at each one of them individually and how I envision ticking them off some type of ocean bucket list. Read on, we just might swim in every ocean.

The Indian Ocean – this is the closest to home and the only ocean I have actually swam in thus far. From the coast of Kenya, to Zanzibar Island, to the shores of Penang and Langkawi in Malaysia. Somehow, the Indian Ocean always finds me, or I always find it.

The Atlantic Ocean – the North Atlantic is perfect motivation for a West Africa trip as well as a Euro tour (Paris, anyone?). Also, the South Atlantic should definitely be swam in during anyone’s next Southern Africa or South America excursion.

The Pacific Ocean – this is the largest of all the oceans and with so many opportunities. The first dream destination that comes to my mind here is Hawaii, right in the middle of the Pacific. Alternative destination – Japan, or the Philippines, or New Zealand. I could go on.

The Arctic Ocean – this is the smallest, shallowest ocean, with a lot of it impassable and covered in thick ice often up to hundreds of feet deep (gulp). However, it is bordered by popular destinations like Canada, the United States, Russia and Norway. This is a tricky one as it is freezing cold and heavily dependent on timing. But it can be done, maybe not for a comfortable swim but a little feet dip. That counts, right?

The Antarctica (or Southern) Ocean – sometimes considered an extension of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. No countries actually border this Ocean. The only major landmass that it touches is the Antarctica. Unless I travel to the South Pole (who knows?), I’ll tick this one off the list when the three oceans of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian have been swam in. Fair enough, right?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you swam in all five oceans? Which ones are you eager to explore? Do leave your comments in the reply section below. Xx.

PS: The picture above was taken in the Indian Ocean during a trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania.

11 thoughts on “Swim in every ocean

  1. How about doing ocean intersections? Now if you swam down in Cape Town you would be right at the intersection of the Atlantic ocean and Indian ocean…..have always wanted to surf the pacific….but sadly my insurance will not cover for that so wake me up when you are through with them all and posted the video 🙂


  2. That’s a really cool idea. I must try it! So far I’ve done Indian Ocean (off Diani, Mombasa, Malindi and a place called Vipingo) ; Gulf of Guinea (The South Atlantic flows into this gulf. Hope that counts!) and finally the North Sea (This is along the Belgian coast and the North Atlantic flows into those waters).

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