Diani beach seascapes

sea·scape (noun.)  1. a view of an expanse of sea. 2. a picture of a view of an expanse of sea.

I returned from Mombasa, Kenya two weeks ago where I spent a few days on the south coast of Kenya in an exquisitely beautiful area called Diani. I can still hear the ocean roar, taste the salt water and feel the sand grains and seaweed in between my toes.

Reminisce with me – below are a few pictures I captured on my phone of Diani beach and the magnificent Indian Ocean views.

Also, I’d love to hear from you. Have you been to Diani? Planning on going? I look forward to your experiences, comments and questions in the reply section below. Xx.


6 thoughts on “Diani beach seascapes

  1. Fay these pictures are so breathtaking! I remember gasping each time I saw the turquoise water in absolute awe. I loved the kindness and friendliness of the waiters at the local restaurants along the beach. It’s definitely worth visiting.


  2. Amazing captures Kai. Very tempting too and worth a try. “Work Save Travel Repeat” Brilliant approach to life. Thx for sharing and looking forward to more posts from you.


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