“Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” – Basically.

I found that “Work. Save. Travel. Repeat” quote on PinterestΒ and I just had to save it because it pretty much captures what I’m about and what this blog is about (well, for now).

So a little bit about myself first – I am a young Ugandan female living and working in Uganda, East Africa. I am a Marketer by profession and traveling absolutely tickles my fancy! In addition, I have a high appreciation for the arts, I love seascapesΒ and I’m passionate about my naturally textured hair which I documented for a whileΒ here.

So back to the quote and what it means to me. When I get time away from the marketing world and when I can help it, I will most likely be away somewhere, anywhere really! I love the thrill of visiting a place for the first time and not only do I enjoy the whole travelling experience but also the preparation and the planning that goes into it beforehand (the save & repeat parts are just as important to me as the work & travel).

I hope to use this blog to share my dreams and my escapades with you and I hope that from here, we will truly inspire each other.

Thanks so much for stopping by.Β Xx.

PS: I’d love to hear back from you. Please share your comments, feedback and suggestions in the reply section below.

10 thoughts on ““Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.” – Basically.

  1. First of all. Love the name of the blog and secondly ‘work.save.travel. repeat’ is what i will chanting to myself as i get the urge to want to shop.lol. Cant wait for some new posts


    • Thanks so much Cherie! I really appreciate the feedback. Don’t forget to follow via e-mail such that you can get notifications of new posts as they show up. Xx.


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