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I recently had the pleasure of attending a three day international music festival in Jinja Town, Uganda.

Jinja is one of my most frequented towns in Uganda and it always has something amazing to offer. The music festival was an event I was skeptical about attending though – three days of non-stop music and partying isn’t something I was sure I would handle. One day is fine but three? I wasn’t sure it was for me.

Nonetheless, I said YES and that’s the reason for this post.

Saying yes to attending the event and having a good time regardless of my skepticism is a good choice and I’ll tell you why.

Many times in life we create some kind of boxed definition of who we are, what we like and what we are capable of enjoying. And as I type that last line, I’m chuckling to myself. Why? Because that is thoroughly ridiculous.

For starters, what portion of our lives have we even lived yet (or at least hope to live)? Maybe one quarter? Two? That’s a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things. How then are we so confident in our ignorance? So sure of what we don’t know and what we have never experienced? Granted, it’s important to have a sense of who we are at our core especially when it comes to our morals and principals, don’t compromise on that. But to close off or block the opportunity for new experiences and new versions of ourselves to emerge is sad, I think.

We are constantly evolving as human beings experiencing this beautiful earth that we live in, we might as well experience it more abundantly. As wide and varied as the earth is, so is the breadth and depth of our personalities.

Here’s to saying YES more often.

Back to the music festival, I can honestly say I had the time of my life. I traveled with great company that was very accommodating of my low partying threshold and I took in all that the festival had to offer, at my own pace. Unusual music, some amazing art and overall happy and positive vibes all day long.

Ultimately, what I learnt is that you can make any experience whatever you choose to make it, and you can take from and give to an experience whatever you choose to take and give.

Below are some pictures from the weekend’s vibes, taken by my friends and myself.

Photo cred: Peter Lubambula












Amazing, isn’t it?

What are your thoughts on traveling beyond your comfort zone? Do you ever just say YES to experiences you’re not sure about? What is the result? Do share your thoughts in the reply section below.



  1. :

    Love the article. Really lovin your evolution as a writer.

    The content really speaks to me as well. Especially coz I’m traveling for the first time in a little under a month and I don’t know what to expect. You have inspired me to have an open mind when I travel.


    • :

      Awww, I love this. Thank you so much. Your comment has warmed my heart and inspired me too 🙂 Here’s to traveling more and inspiring each other! 🥂

  2. :

    This is one of the best articles you’ve written! (Very poetic) I’ve always loved articles that don’t just tell an itenary but actually impressions and lessons learnt. Well done! Keep at it!

    • :

      Thanks so much Rach. Means a lot 🙂

  3. :

    To travel is to live and to go to previously unknown destinations is to live life fully. Thanx for a great piece. “Khukyenda” indeed

    • :

      Thanks so much for reading. I completely agree with you. To travel is to live indeed 🙂

  4. :

    I do say YES, but it depends who is issuing the invite haha. I mean someone who has some idea of my tastes…for instance that person would know that i am not into camping so alternate accommodation would be possible. So, perhaps, yes ish.

    • :

      Hehe. Thanks Ann. I agree that the company is everything. Though how about trying something that you’re not into….sometimes we surprise ourselves 🙂

  5. :

    I always try to say as many “Yeses” as I can. To go beyond your comfort zone is always an adrenalin rush. I live for those hormones. Keep at it Fay, I must say I enjoyed the read. Thanks.

    • :

      I’m glad you can relate Samantha. Thanks so much for reading 🙂 😘

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